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Certified Mailing Solutions, Inc.

Certified Mailing Solutions, Inc. (CMSI) is a software/web development company that provides mailing fulfillment services. CMSI combines the convenience of the Internet with the reliability of the product Certified Mail®. CMSI offers a wide range of services and options to meet all needs for First Class and USPS Special Services Mail.  CMSI allows you to create, send and track the product Certified Mail® right from your computer with faster delivery, fewer errors and no trips to the post office.  Whether to one recipient, or thousands, automate your mail pieces with the appropriate postal forms to be printed, processed and entered into the USPS mail stream. CMSI’s Mailing Solutions save you time, effort and money.  CMSI is SAS 70 certified.


Our intent is to remain on the cutting edge of technology, whether it be through existing services or creating new ones that will ultimately enhance the power of electronic commerce,
Tom Carter, president and CEO of CMSI.

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