Custom Mail


Seamlessly integrates into your current corporate printing and mailing process.

  • Custom Programming
  • No Hidden Fees or Lengthy Contracts
  • ELIMINATES COST: Paper, Labor, Human Error, and Trips to the Post Office.
  • Includes ERR™ and ETC™
  • Proof of Mailing Manifest-Signed/Stamped by USPS Clerk:
  • ETC Tracking Export File

Because each of our customers requires individual needs, Certified Mailing Solutions Inc provides a number of ways we work with customers. The cost of mailing the letter remains the same regardless of how you decide to work with us.

Our collaborate work share is our custom mail portal. This web site provides our customers and employees the ability to communicate and share information faster and more effectively. Frequent mailers can schedule and upload the most complex business mailings and still keep ultimate control of the mailing. You can specify your exact business requirements including the class of mail, insertion rules, payment methods, envelope size, paper, messaging, tracking requirements, mail drop date, account balances and support questions.

To begin using our custom mail portal, the process works like this:

  • First tell us about you and your company.
  • Next describe your mail criteria or business rules in our Job Order.
  • Finally upload your files and reserve your print and mail date.

Each Job Order should be thought of as a template and can be scheduled as needed.  If you are setting up a login for your company or department, we suggest using a company name and password that can be shared by your company or department.

Repeat mailings can be completed within 24 hours using the same file formats and no changes were made to your Job Orders.

Tracking and Reports

Once mailed, your recipient information will be avaiable the following business day. You can view all reports, tracking and manifest by clicking on ETC™ and selecting ETC™ Mail Date.

More information on ETC-Electronic Tracking and Confirmation®

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