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CMSI to Propel HUD Certified Mail® into 21st Century


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has awarded their contract with Certified Mailing Solutions Inc. (CMSI) to upgrade and streamline their Certified Mail®program.

The economic benefits of this joint venture are numerous and include: lowering Certified Mail® costs, improving compliance, increasing communication efficiency and eliminating equipment rental contracts.  Using CMSI proprietary technology (ERR™, ETC®), HUD will securely transmit its files to CMSI for daily printing and entry into the USPS® mail stream.  Most importantly,CMSI tracking and reports management portal delivers nationwide transparency for managing Certified Mail costs.

Nationwide, HUD has 65 field locations that are manually peeling and sticking, tracking and filing green cards. To enhance productivity and compliance, CMSI technology and services can minimize costly inefficiencies due to human error, wasted postage, return letters and lost or misplaced green cards of important correspondence.  Additional savings include upwards of $180,000 per year in eSignature meter upgrades, and a reduction in envelopes, paper, toner and printer costs. 

“Our technology created in 2001 helps the client receives better service with a more cost effective product, a better turnaround of the proof of mailing & delivery with tracking and history of their mail stored indefinitely.  We are proud to help HUD and look forward to working with them for many years to come,” said William Carter, CMSI President.

HUD will be utilizing CMSI’s keystone services:

  • ERR – Electronic Return Receipt™ (acts as a digital green card)
  • ETC – Electronic Tracking and Confirmation® (tracking and reports management portal)
  • Letter imaging to prove message transmission
  • Return mail service which states reason for return along with addressee/custom data, and secure destruction

“Certified Mailing Solutions is part of the future for the HUD mail management program and I foresee them becoming a key partner with other federal agencies as well,” stated Michael Wilson, Branch Chief – HUD Distribution and Mail Branch.

CMSI is a Premier Certified Mail® Vendor and Business Alliance Associate with the USPS® focused on helping organizations reduce cost and improve productivity through automation, tracking, and data management.  Please visit for more information.

USPS® and Certified Mail® are Registered Trademarks of the United States Postal Service®

ERR – Electronic Return Receipt™ is a Trademark of Certified Mailing Solutions, Inc.

ETC – Electronic Tracking and Confirmation® is a Registered Trademark of Certified Mailing Solutions Inc.

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Company Name: Certified Mailing Solutions Inc.
Contact Person: Greg D\’Alessio
Phone: 205-319-6689
City: Washington
State: DC
Country: United States

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Certified Mailing Portal Update: Proof of Mailing Stamp

Category:Hybrid Envelopes

We have added the ability to upload a single page scanned image of your stamped and signed manifest.  If you have your 3877 manifest stamp/signed by the USPS you may upload a single page.  We accept JPG only.  You can access from the “Proof of Mailing” menu.

Simply go to “Add a Proof of Mailing”.  Select the date of your mailing.  Select the job name associated to the mailing.  Select “Add File” to upload the single page manifest which was stamped/signed.  JPG only.

You can then go to “Proof of Mailing History” to view, edit and delete your proof of mailings.

These will be stored for 10 years which you can access at anytime.

If you have uploaded a proof of mailing all ERR reports in the job will have the proof of mailing included.

Stay tuned for more features.



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