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Certified Mailing Portal Update: Proof of Mailing Stamp

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We have added the ability to upload a single page scanned image of your stamped and signed manifest.  If you have your 3877 manifest stamp/signed by the USPS you may upload a single page.  We accept JPG only.  You can access from the “Proof of Mailing” menu.

Simply go to “Add a Proof of Mailing”.  Select the date of your mailing.  Select the job name associated to the mailing.  Select “Add File” to upload the single page manifest which was stamped/signed.  JPG only.

You can then go to “Proof of Mailing History” to view, edit and delete your proof of mailings.

These will be stored for 10 years which you can access at anytime.

If you have uploaded a proof of mailing all ERR reports in the job will have the proof of mailing included.

Stay tuned for more features.



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